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by Monica Amarillis on May 2, 2017

Horary Astrology is the art of answering practical, down to earth questions.
This astrological technique doesn't require the setting of your natal chart; the astrologer erects a chart based on the time and place where s/he receives the question, and it's based on the principle that the very moment you ask a question, it stores the answer, too: time shows its energetic qualities (the astrological patterns) and entails the answer.
The following are just examples of questions you can ask:
- will I be hired?
- should I hire that person (or should my partner hire that secretary, etc)?
- is it preferable to hire person A, person B, or person C?
- will s/he date me?
- will I sell (or buy) that house?
- will I get married with him/her?
- will my son/daughter pass the exam?
- will I win this lawsuit?

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